About Me

screen-shot-2016-12-31-at-1-17-39-pmHey there and welcome to A Way With Words & Wheels! You  get a gold star because your skills in cyberspace are great enough to bring you here. You may be wondering why this blog is named the way it is; Well, I guess it’s because I decided at birth to channel my inner X-Men and get an upgrade from a fully functioning pair of legs to a pair of legs that functions when it wants to which is not really often enough so the only way forward was wheels.

PS: I have a secret! Want to hear it??? *lowers voice to a really dramatic whisper “Hey Eminem, I’ve been the real Slim Shady all along but I can’t stand up which is 😳😂”

So now we’ve established why this slice of cyberspace is named so but for all you know, I could be a leftover droid from a George Lucas film.  I assure you, I’m 95% positive this is not the case. I come in peace, Earthlings. Anyway, this droid has a name. I’m Hannah.


A palindrome. A perfect combination of 6 letters that is almost impossible to forget, much like that pop song they’ve played for the 1000th time in a week on the radio. You know the one…

This blog is not going to be a fairy floss polaroid perfection piece because spoiler alert, my life isn’t one of those. It’s messy and complicated and colourful and sometimes utter madness but it’s mine And goddammit, this life is good. In fact, it’s brilliant and I can’t wait to share its brilliance with you.

So if I haven’t scared you off, buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride!