Guess Who’s Back? Back Again…

*crawls out from under a rock*

Hi Guys!

I was introducing someone new to my blogs tonight because they’re always really supportive of my writing on another platform and realised I hadn’t watered this cyber garden since MARCH. Yikes! Pretty sure I’ve broken every golden rule of blogging so hopefully someone out there is still reading this haha!

Now, I’m sure you haven’t missed me all that much because we’re all running around trying to stuff as much into 24 hours (and still get a decent night’s sleep… what is this word sleep and what does it mean???) as we can.

This year has been an all-consuming steep as hell learning curve as a first-year uni student, navigating the world of public transport, assignments, and everything else so I want to share:

“Some Unconventional Things You’ll Need To Know If A Freaky Friday Body Swap Ever Happens Between Us While I’m Still A Uni Student.”

  1. The trains from uni to home and vice versa come once every hour so missing them isn’t really an option.  Oops…
  2. You have to loudly announce yourself to every guard, bus driver and person you expect to help you. You will be left on trains.  When you accidentally run over a bus driver’s foot but they don’t tell you, other people will make sure you never live it down
  3. Headphones are mankind’s greatest creation but it turns out it’s harder than it looks not to have a dance/karaoke party on the train (:
  4. Getting stuck behind slow walkers on a crowded campus will be a legitimate reason you’re late to class!
  5. The Lost on Campus app (which you need because the building numbers aren’t in ANY order) is really helpful as long as you can take the stairs they aggressively direct you towards
  6. Getting in a lift that opens from the outside only doesn’t end well…
  7. Motorised wheelchairs have ZERO traction and cannot cope in the rain ):
  8. Your knees will grow stronger and become quite the table for your laptop ( reflexes on edge!) because desks are apparently quite hard to come by
  9.  Referencing will become the bane of your existence
  10. When there are people starting an assignment the night before, maybe you don’t need to be so hard on yourself when it’s not done a week early


That gives you a comedic glimpse into the trials and tribulations of Hannah vs. The University of Wollongong saga but is really only the tip of the iceberg. This year has taught me lessons in ways I didn’t want to learn them but I made it through. That’s one thing I’ve learnt about myself this past year – it turns out I can handle a lot more than I think and that resilience is enough even if I’m forcing myself to put one foot in front of the other.

As one of my favourite great minds said when faced with anxiety and a long road ahead, “just keep swimming!” I think that’s my motto these days.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in and hopefully give you all a quick laugh. I might expand on some of the more personal things that have made this year a challenge later, we’ll see what happens…

Either way, now that I have four months of freedom and a bunch of exciting projects in the works, 👀 watch this space because this blog is only just getting started!

❤ Hannah xo

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