Do You Hear The People Sing?

Across the world today, millions of men and women have marched. They have risen to meet dark clouds of uncertainty,  fear and hate with rebellious hope, strength and love. They have shown that we are much stronger united than we are divided.


I cannot march but I stand in solidarity with these souls who have marched, who have carried signs, who have raised their voices in open protest of an oppression they have felt for eons which may now as the world enters a new chapter rear its ugly head yet again but just like the women before us, we are ready. But this time we have a weapon that the Pankhursts of past did not; we have men and boys who are there with us as we try to make the world a better place for people of all sexual orientations, racial backgrounds, cultures, religions and abilities.

I am not only a proud feminist who believes wholeheartedly in movements like #HeForShe that promote the equal responsibility of both men and women in the process of achieving gender equality but I am a Personist (it’s not a word I know), someone who believes that every person roaming the earth deserves to have their rights for safety, freedom, survival, respect, decency, education and expression valued and given.

This blog will be a blog for all. I want stories of all kinds shared and written and curated in the name of the platform I have created. There has been a spark lit today inside of me and my words that will soon be a raging inferno.

I am with you, all of you

Hannah ❤️


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