365 Days of ‘Free’

Hands up if you made a New Years Resolution /goal for 2017, even if it was a fleeting half-formed thought that you never voiced? I expect everyone who reads this to have raised their hands. I had too but as we know, these Resolutions are all too easy to break. I was kind of at a loss as how to make sure mine actually stuck until I came across this post by Mia Freedman of Mamamia that suggested instead of resolutions, you find a word.

A simple word that will untangle and uncomplicate everything that will serve as a guiding Northern Star for whatever the year ahead may hold. Normally, I’m never lost for words, even when I should be there always seems to be an endless stream of them whether spoken or written but how on earth could I find a word that encapsulated all my hopes and goals for 2017 a year, I hope will be far more brilliant than its challenging and exhausting predecessor? I decided to scroll through my old Instagram account and consult the myriad of pictures that had made up my 2016 when I came across this photo:

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Day 43 of #hannahsphotoyear – flying

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I loved this photo as soon as I took it because my sister looked so free and weightless and like anything was possible as she flew through the air. I decided I want my 2017 to look like this. I finish my HSC. I turn 18. I get to see some amazing concerts. I’m travelling to London and Ireland at the end of the year for a quick post-school jaunt. Some of my family from Ireland are coming over for Christmas. There are so many things to look forward to it. And then it clicked into place – my word.

FREE. And just like that it was easy. A year where I will eventually be free from the constraints of school. A year where I am suddenly a grown up. A year where I hope to be more like this:

I hope you’re with me on this one. Here’s to being free. That will come from embracing everything, living boldly and loving and dreaming and hoping with every fibre of your being.

Hannah x

PS: I’ve included two songs for your listening pleasure that as soon as I heard them, I felt freer somehow. Hope you like…


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