Some Stuff That Will Help You Kick Off 2017 The Right Way!

  1.  The music of my friends Last Thursday. Last Thursday is a four piece indie rock band with members all roughly my age. They recently competed in a Battle Of The Bands style competition called Emergenza and placed third out of 200 bands.

You can check out their self-titled EP on Itunes/Apple Music, Spotify and most other places where music can be found!

2.   The gorgeous novels of Emylia Hall which you can find more out about here. There’s three of them with a fourth on the way and they have characters that leap off the page within breathtaking settings of Hungary, Lausanne, Cornwall and soon to be Italy. They are some of my favourite books ever and I cannot recommend them highly enough!

3. The podcast Terrible Thanks For Asking, a project by Nora McInerney Pumort that will have you laughing and crying in equal measure over the experiences and struggles of your fellow humans. Remember the name Nora because hopefully you’ll be hearing more about her from me very soon (:

4. The  Best  Place To  Be Today? – This is an awesome Christmas present I got that has an adventure in a different location of the world for each and every day of the year. To give you an idea, if we look at January 2nd, it suggests you cheer at Kaapse Klopse, a festival held in South Africa 🎉It goes for a month if you’re interested (:

These are just a few rough ideas of mine. If you think there are things I’d enjoy or you’d like to do a Need This In Your Life guest post, please let me know.

See you soon, friends

Hannah x



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